My journey as photographer had started back in 2010, it was really a slow start and lot of things to learn on the way, first time I felt that I could do better in photography and Should take it seriously was after winning a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Sponsored “ IMS PHOTO CONTEST” in 2012, that’s was the first big achievement of my life as photographer which changed my whole life later on and it moved me to the direction where Photography become my voice to share my life with others. I had decided to go further and explore more with my photography Passion, I allowed myself to go deep down into this Photography world and since then never stopped myself to learn and grow everyday in it till now.

My love with SCADINAVIAN world started back in 2013 while watching the photos of others international Photographers, I grew up with the love and dream of going there so I promised myself to go and live that dream also one day, it was long journey after 4 years of wait and lots of Hardship and ups and down I made my first visit to ICELAND in 2016, since then I never stopped myself to go there again and again and experience and explore the this far away world from my Camera and bring it closer to my people and fans through my Photography.

TODAY my photography stands for moral Duty to help others to achieve their dreams like mine and Bring the world more Close to the People who has never heard of it or dream of it.


This year I planned my Solo trip to NORWAY AND ICELAND FOR 23 Days and captured the most beautiful of it and Share it with others, I had started to approach some brands to Sponsor me some equipment’s to help me to capture these heavenly World, since long time I wanted to try SAMYANG lenses and heard a lot about them, after few tries I got lucky to get SPONSORED by them one amazing lens for my SCANDIVANIAN EXPLORATION 14mm f/2.8 Autofocus.The objective was to Hunt the AURORAS in these Countries and shoot most of the time in dark weather and dark light.

Initially I was really worried about this product and usage, because I had never used a PRIME lens before expect (sigma 85mm) for portraits but for landscapes I always-preferred normal zoom lens or wide-angle lens with Infinity ring on it. I thought first that this lens is very wide and no infinity ring could be a problem to focus in dark or Night time but all my worries washed away when I had started using this lens on my journey, Its amazingly sharp and fast and really good focusing speed even at dark night or low light conditions.

This is genuine review of the LENS from my side and wanted to share my real experiences what I had and what I got and what I felt while using this Lens on my journey. NORWAY & ICELAND offers very wide landscapes so it’s always great to have one wide-angle lens to shoot the beauty of these countries. The most amazing thing that surprised me about this lens is its size and weight only 474gms,

As landscape Photographer I know its so hard to carry all the stuff and lot of weight on our shoulders and I really wanted that some brand should think about to cut down the weight of the lenses to make it more easier for the landscape photographers and SAMYANG 14mm f/2.8 AUTOFOCUS proved that for me on my journey, its so light weight and small that I carried that sometime in my jacket pocket too to shoot around the different locations.

  • Reine Village ( LOFOTEN)

  • Jokursarlon (ICELAND)

  • Hamnoy village - lofoten

  • Reine Village - lofoten

  • Diamond beach - Iceland

  • Tromsocountryside - Norway


Now I let the Photos do the talking for you guys and Hope you will love the beauty of these two countries at 14mm, It proved me and served me really well on my Journey and Especially no regret so far from this amazing piece of Product from SAMYANG GLOBAL.