I Traveled and Explored 100 beers from 20 Countries…






I TRAVELED AND EXPLORED 100 different BEERS from 20 countries…..


I travel around the globe for the Love of BEER. I believe that every traveler has his own personal interest and passion on his Journey, for me apart from photography; I really travel and love to explore the beers of the WORLD NOW.

Well it all started way back during my school days when I have had first time beer in my LIFE. I found it very bitter in taste and didn’t like it at all. So I thought it’s not worth it at all, how could someone drink that thing with pleasure and fun? It was so bitter.

Second time I had the beer during my college days, I used to study in French language institute where every month some celebrations and exhibitions inaugurations were used to happen and most of the students were invited to participate and enjoy the festival. While learning the French language I had indulged myself completely into French culture and mentality later i had gathered my interest in French wines in every party and inauguration at the institute.


I never ever have had the money to go to the bar and enjoy like others till 2011. I hardly used to spend my money on beers and other stuff like my other friends used to do at college why : because I came from middle class family so saving money all the time was my tendency and have seen the fights and bad consequences of the alcohol in my Family itself. So I promised myself that I would never ever do the same to myself and never ever become an Alcoholic guy, since then i kept this alcohol thing as a passion and more as exploration activity while traveling, yet i experienced all stuff from wines to hard alcohol & liquors but never ever get myself addicted to it. There were days when i literally refused it, but BEER is still my love and i keep on drinking with moderate quantity.

CULTURE EXCHANGE- after my Studies, I had started working as French tour guide and tour leader with French and others foreigners. So I learned a lot but different cultures and different countries from my tourist, my real education comes from Traveling, on my travel I had started drinking beer at my rhythm and pace keeping always one thought in my mind that I am drinking for pleasure and fun not for being an alcoholic person.


After 5 years of traveling in India, I stood always on one drink just the beer never ever on other hard form drinks, it was my wish and my pleasure too always although I had explored and tasted everything with my tourist on my professional trips from (Vodka to French wines to high Liquors to whisky)

I Don’t know beer always tempted me and I guess it was less percentage of alcohol that’s why and I wanted to do bu but more for fun and pleasure and render myself happy in despite of sadness or happiness..

I started my World tour in 2014, my first country was Thailand and I lived it very well and tasted Thai beer too, which was very famous called “ CHANG”. It was just the start and same year in Dec, I went to France, travelled for a month and explored different kinds of wines and beers and culture of France.

In 2015 drinking beer had became a passion for me but always in a moderate and sincere ways, I went to south east Asia for solo trip, there I met this American guy who told me about this one BEER APPLICATION on his phone called “ UNTAPPED.” He had been doing the collection of beers since 3 years and so far had 112 different beers of the world. I was really inspired by his passion and downloaded the app straight away on my phone and started making my own personal list of beers on my travel journeys.


Since 2014 I have been traveling and had been to 16 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iceland, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia,Indonesia, Netherlands, swiss, Laos, Philippines, hungry, Slovenia, Belgium & Chez republic, ) so far  EXPLORED 100 types of different beers from these Countries. Drinking beer today is not my habit, it’s just my passion and as a traveler, I found one thing that makes me more passionate that I love to do. I never thought in my life that I would do something crazy like this or made a BEER my passion but It happened to me, I didn’t know how and when but now today it’s a part of my travelogues and every time I travel somewhere I try to explore the new things and live my passion with respect and care of my surroundings and my health too.

so far i have Collected –

Australian Beer- 1 

Belge Beer- 21

Cambodian beer- 1

Canadian beer- 1

Chinese Beer- 1

Chez republic beer – 4

English Beer- 5

French beer- 6

Germen beer – 11

Greece beer- 1

Hungarian Beer – 2

Icelandic Beer- 3

Indian beer -2 

Indonesian beer – 3

Italian Beer -2 

Japanese Beer  – 3

Loas beer- 2

Burma beer – 1

Holland Beer – 4

Philippines beer – 3 

Portugal beer- 1

Scotland beer- 2

Singapore beer – 3

Slovenian Beer- 2

Spanish beer – 2

Thai beer – 1

Tobago beer- 1

USA beer- 1

Vietnam beer – 10

Every traveler has his own interest and passion, mine is to educate myself today on the beers of world and make my personal list of it while traveling around the world and share it with others too…



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