INDONESIA – LOST IN NATURE & EMOTIONS

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Gili T Sunset










Since I started my Traveling and Photography I always wanted to go to Indonesia and just get lost in its Nature. I heard a lot about Indonesia and its beauty and landscapes from MT. BROMO to SEASCAPES, everything is just beautiful and full of nature. So I had decided to make that dream into reality, I researched a lot and had asked my friends also to get the best knowledge and information about INDONESIA, so that I can make my plan to get the best of it and Bring the one more beauty closer to the people through my PHOTOS & STORY.


My plan was to start from MALAYSIA spending two weeks here, go down to Indonesia for a month. The biggest challenge for me was to decide the places and spots where I wanted to go so after lot of study and research I had decided to start from up north (JAKARTA) to south (Lombok).






On the 4th day of the tour I had a small accident and my shoulder moved because of the heavy backpack and camera bag that I was carrying, I was really in pain and realized that it was just the start of the Tour and still 25 days left to me, it would be really tough and challenging tour ahead for me with all the places that I wanted to explore (treks, mountains and waterfalls visits).


JAKARTA was the first stop of my Solo expedition and it was just ok, completely a big city which has lot of offer to the people who loves city life and busy places but for me it was little disappointing that I didn’t find anything charming and anything good from it. I told myself that it was just the start and I had whole month ahead of me to explore this land of NATURE & capture its beauty and live my dream along. My next stop was Yogyakarta, I had heard a lot about this place and its beautiful temple, its one of the most famous place in Indonesia although its very touristic and full of crowd at temples all the time.


A beautiful sunrise of BOROBUDUR TEMPLE to amazing sunset of PRAMBANAN TEMPLE, this city has lot to offer to his visitors but me like always I was expecting more some beautiful stories not just the regular touristic one’s although I did both the temples and clicked some good shots but still felling that something was missing and I had to go out of the town and look for different kind of story.


Prambanan Temple sunset


On the third day I got to know about this amazing Adventurous activity out of the city somewhere in the middle of the NATURE called “ JOMBLANG CAVE” & more exciting thing was that it was least visited place and really adventurous, so without wasting any time I had made my mind for this Adventure.





So I was super excited to visit this place next morning but as usual my excitement always ditched me and make my way more tougher and harder to get what I want, everything was planned and one night before I went out for dinner and met some folks and did party with music and stories and came back to my hotel very late around 2:30am.


Next morning I woke up dilemma of CAVE TOUR. I was really tired and feeling sick and talking to myself while lying on the bed of the hotel “should I go or not

Its just a cave and not a big deal”. I slept back but after couple of minutes again I woke up and had started thinking about the CAVE TOUR, “ Nakul what you are doing, why you are here and get up and do it’’. It was really a emotional punch in the morning for me, so much confused that what should I had to do, care about my health and relax and take a day off or listen to my PASSION and go out to shoot this beauty and less explored nature, after 30min of fight with my mind I had decided to go, it was long way journey of almost 120kms up/down on the Scooter. I got up and dressed up and went down to the scooter but still confused should I do it or not, 120kms ride for next 2hrs just for one CAVE.


First time In my life I felt that much confusion especially for Photography otherwise I was always excited and super passionate about places and exploration but this time the whole punch of Emotions and feeling making this call very tough for me other side mind was full with WILL POWER TO GO and DO IT. Finally I started my scooter and went off with dizziness and less feeling and tiredness. When I arrived there it was really less touristic and something really adventurous.


JOMBLANG CAVE- it was formed thousands of years ago when a patch of land measuring 300 meters across dropped into a sinkhole. Till now, the vegetation in the cave consists of weeds; mushrooms, ferns and even large trees that remain untouched and preserved over hundreds of years. Descending down to almost 80 meters from the mouth of the cave by zip lining, you can start to smell the damp aging trees standing by layers of rocks built up over the centuries, both a thrilling and exciting experience!

During the right time of the day (somewhere between 10am to 2pm), the sun’s rays shine through the opening, illuminating the forest below, creating a mesmerizing sight to feast your eyes on.

After all this adventure and emotional & feeling confusion I got one lesson at the end that keep the will power always up, sometime in life we easily give up on feelings and emotions but if we listen our will power and passion more we always get the best, like I got amazing experience and photos and story out of this one ADVENTURE.


My next stop was MALANG to visit the MT.BROMO; one reason to come to Indonesia was MT. BROMO, I heard a lot and seen a lot of pictures about this place its really sublime and extraordinary, its on of the most famous spot in the world for ASTRO-PHOTOGRAPHY. Active volcano and high altitude mountains always attracts me a lot so it was great experience to visit that place with one great story and spending whole night till to the morning gazing stars to sunrise. It was really beautiful and it became one of the best sunrises of my LIFE.

Mt. bromo Sunrise





It’s true that when you travel you learn lots of new things in life, about yourself and about the places. This whole trip was a lesson for me in so many ways from my fears to new kind of Photography (seascapes) that I have never ever tried in my life. I must tell that it was not the great experience for photos because of limited time in Indonesia, it’s a huge country and I had felt that one Month is really less to explore and collect great photos and stories but I must tell that it was great trip for me to Experience the new things and learn new things about myself and photography, being more patient and calm on the trip which I was not usually on the other tours I have done before. I was always after the photos and stories and keep moving all the time, never relax and make time for myself and chill but on this trip it occurred to me the days without photos and moving spending days on the beach or in the hostel and just Relax.


The major reason was my SHOULDER PAIN that didn’t allow me to move more and pushed me to cancel my certain plan and relax more. I was really sad and disappointed with this pain but sometime I guess we had to listen our Body first then passion so kept myself calm and relax for few days to get ready for the other places.





Bali is the major destination in INDONESIA, Its really crazy and lovely place full of nature and tourist and stories. I had nothing in my mind where to go in Bali and what were the good places for photos. Finally I took the help from friends and local people to get the best information about the place but as usual I always expect more from the places in the term of photos and stories.


My plan was to spend 10 days in Bali but I realized later on that it’s a huge city and lots to offer and 10 days wont be enough to explore this big HUB OF NATURE and SEASCAPES. I did in every way possible to get the most of it in 10 days; I took the guided tours to learn more about Seascape Photography from my Bali Photographer friend. I went by myself on scooter to different places to explore it and Get lost in Balinese Nature. I did the Mt. BATUR sunrise trek with my shoulder pain and carrying 11kgs of backpack just for the good photos but didn’t get anything because of bad weather.


Whatever I could do in 10 days to collect and live maximum of BALI with my shoulder pain I did and later on I realized that it’s not possible that you would get what you had desired of.





Every Journey ENDS that’s the saddest felling that one traveller can live and experience but the happiest thing that one who left won’t come back as the same person, I came back as changed person, I grew up, I am different now and life had become the product of the my own values, morals and memories, not society and fears.


I made so many friends on this trip and met new people and experienced the without moving from my place through talks and cultural differences and different knowledge we had shared to each other on that journey.


Most of the time people believe that the hardest step is leaving. WRONG, the hardest step is coming back. Saying good bye to people who have changed your life, people who will never ever forget, saying good bye to the places in the world you would be indebted to, saying bye to the people whom you know deep down you will never ever see Again.


It’s all worth it I believe at the end because it changes you it fill your heart and mind with memories and compassion. It leaves marks on your consciousness





























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